Audible Sales Checkout 

The Audible sales-checkout creates millions in revenue but needed to be redesigned with the goal to visually differentiate it from the main shopping experience. I developed an expandable tray on the bottom of the screen that follows the user to any page. To visually differentiate, I designed a dark theme.


Audible Membership

At Audible, I was also in charge of redesigning the Membership sign up flow. The first step was to document the entire onboarding flow and then solve the main issues customers were facing. These issues were that a big amount of our users were not clear about the membership benefits and how credits work.

Artboard Copy 3@2x.jpg

General Assembly Location Pages 

The global locations page needed to be redesigned. The problem I saw was that some cities and their districts were visually treated the same way, which caused confusion.


We started the process with an exploration phase after which I created Prototype 1Prototype 2 to test different layouts with 10 GA students. The main difference was that we highlighted the flagship locations in Prototype 1. To solve the hierarchy problem, I listed the districts under their respective cities which would filter the entire city pages by that district.



For the visual design, I used our newly designed patterns library. My goal was to let the user focus on the photography, so I kept the design clean and simple.



The next step was to launch a page for each city that the user could access through the global locations page. Our team started the process with an exploration phase and developed the concepts until we arrived at this UX prototype



To highlight GA's competitive advantage, we added all GA locations to the global navigation and I designed a new component for our new patterns library


Hackathons @ General Assembly


Finding the course you like on GA's website is actually not that easy.  The course overview page has a 20% bounce rate, the click through rate is low and the workshop page has a 30% bounce rate.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 11.59.47 AM.png


The results to the question "How would you improve the website?" got us thinking. 
It seemed like there was a general issue of finding courses and a need for organization/calendar.


The first idea we came up with was a personalized onboarding experience. Based on the personas we identified, the user first creates their profile and selects their interests. Then the user receives courses based on their interests and personality type and sees these courses in a calendar view, something that people have been asking for.

Prototype (start by clicking Login)

homepage copy@2x.jpg


At another hackathon, we wanted to focus on the issue that it was especially hard to find a course on the phone because the product pages were very long and it was really hard to get a quick overview. Our research also showed that receiving a phone call from the Admissions team was overwhelming for our users

The idea was to turn the course search on the phone into a fun texting experience that lets anyone find a course quickly, by simply choosing answers in a chat interface.  Oh and we did not forget the emojis.


Audible Designathon: 1st place

The challenge of our design competition at Audible was to reimagine our current Product Detail Page for the future and redesign it within 48 hours. My team won the competition with the idea to add an AI concierge that helps users find books based on their interests while also improving the algorithm for book recommendations, each time they use it. We added a 10 minute sampling for Audio books that lets users decide which part of a book they want to listen to and to give them the ability to see what their friends are listening to. Another idea was to add a sticky wish list to the bottom of the page that would automatically purchase the books a user added with their next credit.

You can read more about Designathons in my article on

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Audible Account Details

The task was to redesign the account detail pages for the Audible website. I wanted to explore more interesting ways to design a user's account page, beyond the usual treatment and offer something more delightful. So I designed a dashboard that motivates the user to read more, by showing how many books they had finished and when their next credit would arrive. Each time a user looks up their account, the dashboard looks different since the background color is always the one of the book they read last.

Artboard Copy 2@2x.jpg


Chimpanzee Sanctuary: Chimpmarks


Funny pictures of chimpanzees are misleading. Chimpanzees, an endangered species, are exploited
in the entertainment industry, abused and then discarded for harmful medical testing. It’s a shocking
truth behind the images that we set out to change.


Watermarks protect image rights, but now we’re using them to protect chimpanzees. We launched Chimpmarks, a watermark applied to offending chimpanzee pictures to spread awareness of the
damage they cause. On, visitors can choose an image, stamp it and share it out
through social media. The site is built on Search Engine Optimization so that our images rise to the
top of relevant search results.


Every share, view, and site visit drives search result visibility, due to the extensive targeting built into
every touchpoint. By pushing through the clutter and bringing Chimpmarks to the top of the image pile,
we send a striking message to both passive and active users. The next time someone searches pictures, they’ll be reminded that chimpanzees are an endangered species and not a comedy prop.

Role: Concept & Design