Talkspace Intake

The task was to redesign the basic questions we ask users to match them with a therapist. Currently, users need to copy and paste text into a new message which is not a good experience.

My design goal was that the design feels uplifting, friendly and easy to go through since our users struggle with mental health issues. Even the error state should not feel like they did something wrong.


Talkspace Therapist Notes

The task was to design notes for Talkspace therapists, for our native apps and responsive web. I started the project by interviewing our therapists and then built out a prototype to test their reactions. After a couple iterations, the final feature was very helpful for therapists.


Talkspace Pattern Library

One of my bigger projects at Talkspace is designing the first pattern library from scratch. I am laying the groundwork for other designers on the team.


Talkspace Therapist Sign Up

The ask was to design a page for therapists that want to apply for working with Talkspace. My solution was to focus on their most common hesitations and provide strong social proof through a video of a famous therapist, testimonials and answering all important questions. I used the new visual language I helped establish with the new pattern design library.

Artboard Copy@2x.jpg

Talkspace FAQ page

When redesigning the FAQ page, I focussed on simplicity and testing our new pattern library. My goal was to make the page feel friendly and very easy to use. 

Artboard Copy 2@2x.jpg